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VIPP's Free Mortgage Calculator allows the user to calculate mortgage payments and closing costs. The calculator includes an analysis of refinancing a mortgage. It includes an analysis of paying points to receive a lower interest rate. The following images are samples of a mortgage payment, closing costs, amortization, affordability, a what-if analysis, a refinance analysis, paying points to receive a lower interest rate analysis using our Mortgage Calculator. The calculator is formatted and runs in Microsoft Excel (.xls file extension). Includes, a worksheet which contains links to 25 useful real estate related websites. We also offer a Free Mortgage Calculator which runs in Windows.

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Mortgage Calculator Customer Feedback

"This calculator is definitely helpful. It loads instantly, is self explanatory and calculates automatically. I have needed such a calculator for estimating costs for real estate closings for clients and will not hesitate to use yours!"---R. Evans

"Thanks, This is nice. Just what I was looking for."---B. Berdick

"Perfect. Thanks. The spreadsheet is just what I needed. Also, thanks for your follow-up and great customer service.---C. Rucker"

"It has proven to be extremely valuable. Now I can truly plan my mortgage for my new home!"---C. Howard

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