Calories Calculator

The purpose of this free VIPP Calories Calculator is to allow the user to calculate the total calories they are consuming from their diet. The calculator also indicates the portion of the total calories, which are saturated fat calories. Studies indicate that a cause of heart disease is high levels cholesterol. A means to reducing cholestrol is decreasing the saturated fat calories in your diet.

The calculator contains a database of over 700 items broken into 18 categories. The categories are Beverages, Dairy, Eggs, Fast Foods, Fats and Oils, Fish and Shellfish, Fruit and Fruit Juices, Grains, Lunch Meats, Meats, Nuts, Poultry, Sauces, Snacks, Soups, Sugars, and Vegetables.

The following images are samples of the calorie calculator, total calories and saturated calories contained in dairy products, and total calories and saturated calories in fast foods. The calculator is formatted and runs in Microsoft Excel (xls file extension).

Calories Calculator

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You only enter values in cells in the Beverage and Food and the Units Consumed columns, which are marked in red. The other columns will auto populate.

Aren't you tired of not knowing your total calories and saturated fat calories intake?

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